Pre production character research

I'm just beginning to dip my toes into the character research for my pre-production. To recap, my character is a Fishmonger in Venice. A pretty fitting setting.

I've had the idea in my head of what the character could look like since the beginning. And it's something like this, an amalgamation of images we're spoon fed from the days of following our mums round supermarkets. Fishmongers look like this I do believe :-

Stereotypical to say the least, but fitting for my character. He has to be part of the old way. Take away the happiness from there faces, and replace it with the bereaved look of a man plying a trade that has long since past. Up that with the solitude that comes with lonliness*, and my guy is beginning to form a face.
*Lonely, because he is one of few left in Venice, still marauding the canals. Alone, but in love.

I wanted to adapt the fishmonger into a more all round fisherman. He fishes to feed himself, he sometimes sells his produce if he meets other wanderer's, but primarily, he's able to keep himself alive with his fishing. What do fishermen look like?

This picture is more relevant because they're Italians.

I think this last image quite well ties in with the whole 'solitude in lonliness' aspect. He looks contempt & determined. On a mission!

I will also incorporate the look of the gondola men, put simply - they all look somewhat like this :

Gondola! Gondola!
So there we have it. This is more me trying to define what stereotypes are already in my mind - what image i've conjured from them. Next time I post about this, i'll build on the character references. For now though, this is the image that sums up my idea at step one:


Another character in my program will be the presenter of the show. To recap, the show is a faux-documentary, set in the future with a Futurist-bias. Ya dig?

The presenter will be simple. He's a cross between these two chappies:

David Attenborough AKA the voice of god.

Marinetti is such a brilliant character and already developed to fit the shows style. He's outspoken, rude, idealistic. A lofted-town crier; a deep thinker. If anything, i'll be toning him down to make him more like David Attenborough, but I think that's necessary.

I think a good reference for this decision is David Brent in the Office. He does have a softer side, he does have a more normal side, but he's always got that nutter inside him raging to get out. If he were ALWAYS mad and always insane, the show wouldn't have carried so fruitfully as it did, and would of been just another 2-Dimensional comedy + canned laughter. 
This is simillar to my character, I don't want the show to solely rest on the crazyness of Marinetti to make people laugh, because this would make it just a one trick pony. I want it instead to be real and serious for the paradigm it's set(the future, a futurist landscape), but this is what comes across as funny to us(living in modern day Britain). So it's asif the viewer is watching a program thats just happened to fall in there lap from another time and place. Does that make sense?! (It's late)


As I said. Now i'll go and build on it. But this basically sums up the image i've had in mind since the idea for the show formed. I'll also include some of my own reference photo's (that ive taken) next time round too.

And now for something rediculous. If anybodies short film comes out as good as this we're certainly onto a winner.


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