Footy animation

Just found this:

Aah, see, isnt football a beautiful thing? :)

Heres another one too:

Life Drawings grande update

Havent posted life drawings in a while, so here's a bunch from over the last two months.

24.2.2011 - Gaz's class :




Went to see John Cooper Clarke at the falmouth princess pavillions the other night. Was a brill night, the man is still analytical and poignant, and bloody funny! Check out this little vid I took.

General update on stuff

Hello. Am not currently in Falmouth, but will be back this monday. I really want to crack on with Swing Heil now, am really determined to make it the best we all can make it.

I havent posted on here in a while, so got a few things to catch up with. Firstly, my group won the best film award in our own version of the Oscars. Hurrah! Am very pleased, and the sweet were very nice, ta Andy & Franky. Altho I must say all films came out on par, I think my personal favorite was Andy & Nige's because I knew nothing about it, except i'd wondered why the two of them ad come in dressed up!

Altho I must say, it's not the only masterpiece i've worked on, check out this classic from back in 2006. Entitled, "Theo's Horror the Horrror". Be warned though - it's a shocker.

So what else is goin' on.. Am looking forward to getting the marks back for both the Pre-production project & the lit reviews. The Lit reviews im a little wary about - I wrote them as testers for what I can do in my dissertation.
The pre im looking forward to getting the marks back as it's something I devoted a lot of time doing. I really enjoyed this project, I think in terms of its effect on me in the future, from now on when I get an idea, I will go someway towards putting together a pre-bible. Not to the extent we did on these, but maybe just 10 pages that help me pin point an idea, which can then be book-shelved until I get time for it in the future.


Watched this odd film last night. It's called Uncle Boonmee who can recall his past lives. I wont say much about it, except that 1) It's a film that truly feels like you're in a dream. Firstly because it jumps between scenes without saying how it got there (thanks to Inception for explaining that!) and secondly perhaps because of the long silences, your actual state when you're asleep. 2) It offers some hope as to how you can go about making a film. It's very different to Holywood conventions for a film, so for a Western audience, is treading a fine line between being bleak, & boring the audience; and being all it can be 3) I want to watch it again.


Also watched Idiot Abroad. Karl Pilkington is a ledge.


That's all for now, will probably post again soon. Peace out.