Look at that subtle off white colouring...

Suffice to say lunch today wasn't fun. Major business card envy has set in and I tell you for nothin I am at breaking point. Why didn't I go for the egg shell colouring... my god.. it even has a watermark..

Escuriado Descente.. the final update

Just a quick one. Films getting there, I think i've literally only... 3 more shots to animate now, 1 is relatively difficult, the other two are simple ones of the dog.

Mig posted an update the other day with some nice images which you can check out here..
...As did Em, she's jumped onboard to help get the colouring finished off along with Darrien & Luke too, all under the watchful eyes of Grethe, the Norwegian Colourmatron.

Its really cool to see things coloured for me, really bring it to life. Loving Mig's backgrounds also.


Anywho here's the draft for the last difficult shot i'm working on.
I've just slept for about 16 hours, so no doubt am going to be awake till friday now on. I'm not really worrying, I think for the first time in my life i've worked as hard as you do in the final week, the whole way through. Once i've finished the animation will help Mig get all the compositing done and jump on any last little jobs that need doing. I may do the backgrounds for Scene 7 too which would be nice, we've still that to do, it's only 3/4 shots though mind.

Rozi has jumped on board to do the sound effects. Have also told her to get some music recorded, and she's told me she's got some nice violin/achordian stuff done today, so am excited to hear that.


Gunna be really nice to get this all finished and shiny, has been a long long process, but most certainly fun.


Just watched this. Was dubious to watch it (got my eye on the clock) but so glad I did watch all 15 minutes. The kinda animation I want to see get made, more often, immense:


Here's some other stuff i've recently come across..:

This is quite cool to see the breakdown of the shots:

I really like the whole sped up/slowed down photography/film stuff that is really finding prominence on Vimeo:

Pity me...

Here's the old man come the end of the film. He's meant to be all broken down and beaten.


One week left today. Got 2 or 3 more old man shots to do... 4 more dog shots... and the few shots of the ghoul's. It's quite strange to think that we got to this point and i've done all the animation (besides bits here and there from Luke and a walk cycle from Thomas). I wasn't expecting that atall when I came onboard, the idea was to get a team of animators together, but clearly the course isn't layed out for that. I don't blame the second years in the slightest, they're lesson plan only leaves one day to work on the 3rd year productions, which isn't enough in the slightest. It's quite irritating also, since I may aswell have just made my own film. Oh well, anywho, am very grateful to have been able to work closely with Mig on it and I think we've made a good team, along with Grethe blitzing through the colouring, and Kirk also now who's really taken up the baton on the special effects.

Still though, you sit at home working all day, thinking to yourself... the constant question in your head.. 'I pay £3,000 a year to do this... is it really worth coming to uni?'.

If I were a student applying for universities now, I wouldn't be. £9,000 tuition fees are a joke. Don't come to uni, rinse your local library & Amazon for books, and practice practice practice.


Have agreed with Mig to do the dog. Agreement being i'd do it if we changed him to a Welsh Springer. Essentially is my cheap bargain just so I can get my dog in the film.

 Here's how he's gunna look:

Keeping him simple, did 6 shots of him in 2 days, so fair to say he's not the toughest of characters. Has actually been a fun experience because I don't usually draw dogs, so has been a nice little learning curve.


However, if we had more time....:

No doubt he'd be looking a little somethin like this.

But he wont because there's two weeks left. So instead weve gone more 'rigomortis the dog' rather than 101 Dalmations.