Scribbled secret notebooks

I think I know what's comin'. We got a burgeoning spirituality on the horizon of our society. It's there n it's growin. Mindfulness on the NHS.. Meditation in schools. (I am excited to see these kids grow up..!). It makes sense hence it's growin'. Its nice to be nice. It's natural to love. Hence it's growin. It may take time but it'll come in thru the door, eventually. When we allow it. Because the arch of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.

Contempt for this modern society is where we're at. You see it all around. Fashion advertisements fronted by sullen expressions. Holywood & X-Factor, flogging dead horses to tired eyes. Contemporary art with it's leanings towards disorder, chaos, & sometimes ugliness. The absolute apathy to change abound.The decline of the West (Oscar Spengler), these are seemingly the end days, were we put all that former-prosperity to bed.

Right now contemp. Art seems all about edgyness & graffiti & messy paint & sullen expressions. Nah fuck that. That's like Topshop, frownin' down on us & on our faces too when we find ourself in their shirts.

But we'll get tired of this contemptious outlook, and thus will be the trajectory. Inspired will be the step forward. Love will be the landing place.

Art will help society get there. Paint a picture of a pretty place & watch all birds fly to it.
Art will help allow it. Share a smile, see a smile.

Lets see a smile.
Not cus I'm dull & unrealistic. Or ignoring the truth.
I see the truth and its loooove! It's creativity. It's compassion. It's one big organism prodding itself towards glory.

So I ain't talkin about ignorance is bliss. Or turnin that frown upside down. Nothhiin mechanical. All natural. Progressive & alive.

Pick up the baton of impressionism! Lets take one step back, take a deep breath in and cough sideways all the monotonous laboured speech of modern art. One step back, & two ever-forward.

Lets see in the souls of men the light that Monet painted.

Let us see the sadness too! Sure, perhaps it'll be warming sadness, not sullen, 'whatcha gunna do about it' loneliness.. Warming sadness, like the empathy Dylan brings in yr ears as he sings n you agree-inside.