France Sketchbook

Here's some drawings from France.

(on occasion) tried to focus on relationships between people (eg the very last one), tried to draw people's heads at more interesting angles than side on (altho this is hard as the preferred drawing angle is side on - if there atall facing you - they usually will clock you, and there's only so many times you can draw the back of a head) & tried to focus on French features a bit too. Enjoey. PS look out for a cameo appearance...

This one was hard because the guy was about 2 foot away from me wooing a girl, and he was very aware I was drawing him ha. Unfortunatley didn't get to finish it, he'd pulled by then!

From a photo (the Lumiere brothers - great museum in Lyon)

These next few were up the top of Lyon.

This one has a funny story. I did this of a woman opposite on the underground in Lyon. She kept waking up every time we got to a stop, and then would fall asleep again. I had Fran sat to my left, so was asking her when she was asleep and i'd keep on drawing her. The whole time the women sat to my right was looking at what I was drawing and laughing to herself. Turned out - The girl sat next to me was her pal, and the girl I was drawing was concious the whole time I was drawing her. Her mate had told her - so she just pretended to be asleep. She had a quick look and laughed before jumping off the tube.

Really liked France, seemed like a good place. Didn't come across any 'sterotypes' either that us English love to put on em - TBH - get the feeling we're just a bunch of hypocrit's. I can't imagine too many people in London would be helpful to a Frenchy asking for directions. The French seemed much like us, the food seemed much like ours (sorry Frenchies, its true), & they were simillar people to us - except less 'cuddled' and more liberal. Cool place, will be back at Annecy next year.

Show Reel 2012

Here's my show reel 2012, ta for watching. - From Tom

Thankyou especially to any person viewing from Annecy.