John Lennon

 Just an example of how simple animation can sometimes be the best.

Emotion reaction = done

Here's my finished reaction animation.  Did. In. Flash. Enjoy.

Previous weeks :-

'Emotion reaction' animation for Derrick

Am working on my weekly animation for Derrick, and here's a bit of a animatic i've put together thus far. It's just the key poses i'd like to include, focusing on the 'silouette' ideal. Will work it up into a character later, but for now am just trying to get my idea down.

NOTE - Click it to get it to play. It's a gif.

Here's a bit of an update. Am trying to work him into some nicer poses (have redone the first half). Need to work out the timing better still, but you can see the key poses in there & hopefully realise the emotion change.

I have been watching vids/reading about Milt Kahl all night, so have set my bar high!

Here's an update from today. Still need to inbetween it, I think I shall keep it rough though, I am happy with the look of it as you can still see the animation quality, just not the drawing quality. I have worked out the timing too, and think he moves just about right.

current focus

Ello folks. Just a note. My current focus is to sufficiently learn After Effects. I've been watching tut's for the last couple of days, and am seeing the massive potential of the program. I've used flash for a long time, and, obviously the programs are different, but as a means-to-an-end After Effects is so much more equipped.

So expect more After Effects stuff from me in the future. At the moment, im putting 3D to one side also while I focus on this, & keep practicing with my 2D & sketchbook on the side.

Am thinking about putting together a website also, have it up and running and then hopefully get some client work through it + a place to post up my sketchbooks digitally.

walk animation

Here's my walk loop:

Am happy with it. Very sketchy but does the job me thinks.

In other news: I have been working on an arcade machine for the last week. It's a paid job to make the intro/waiting screen animation that plays before people have put there money in. It's actually become quite good fun, as im using it to coincide with teaching myself a few more tricks in After Effects. Will post up when project is complete.

Also, built a website last month for a new nutrition website starting up. All this paid work is quite satisfying! Esprit Nutrition

Georgia Power advert

Hey guys. Just found this while looking on Cartoon Brew. It's a nicely made advert for a company called Georgia Power, which has a very mixed media look to it. What I liked about it (besides the quality) is that once again it reignites the flame that you shouldnt just pick either 2D or 3D.. because there are a lot of things in between.

"There are things known 2D, and there are things unknown 3D, And in between are the Doors is 2.5D."

Anywho check it out, what's especially interesting is that they have a breakdown of the production process too.

Welcome back!

The course officially restarted a week ago. It's nice to be back in the swing of things, I have finished my lifting animation assignment from Derrick, well I say finish but I still need to line-test it & compile it into a movie on the comp... so may come across some errors.

But yeah i'm pretty happy to be back. I had a great summer in Italy, and now back to learning. Except it's fun learning :)

Here's a few pics from Italy:

check out the massive Calzone pizza.

Grand canal in Venice.

At the Palio in Siena (THE PALIO IS A MUST)
This video goes someway to catching the feeling and the atmosphere, but the Palio is admittedly one of the bizzarest & most passionate crowds i've ever been in.

 The palio winner

 This is what a 17 euro ice cream looks like...! (bought from outside the Duomo in Florence)

my Birthday cake (Florence)

David (in Michelangelo Piazza, Florence)

Outside St.Peters, doorstep of the Vatican

That'll do for now. Am working on an animation of all our pictures. Hopefully it'll come out well, it's a bit of an experiment to see if that sorta thing works, shall post it up here when done.

Ciao bella