Went away, come back.

Hello hello. Been away for the last few weeks, night training my way across Europe with me old pal Paul. Was a good trip, compact travelling, two/three days in each place. We started in Amsterdam, staying in a very nice pad thanks to new pal Ashley. My sister came to 'Dam to:

The place. Not bad not bad.

Doesn't really need a caption.
We then got 1st of many night trains across to Berlin

Really liked Berlin, cool city. I've never thought about travelling Germany, I've thought about Italy, Spain, France.. but Germany never crossed my mind. I like the different character of all these big European Countries, formerly at war with one-another for centuries, now distinct, all in differing ways. We ended up in some old Soviet Warehouse-turned-German rave club.. very good... thats what you want in Berlin, ey?

Then, onto Budapest.
I'm not a big city person, however, ended up on a big tour of European cities and have come back with a pocket full of gems. Budapest was my favorite of the lot, could imagine living there for a period, big nights out and long days in the bath's the next. 

Next stop on the night train, I hear you ask? Uh.. Krakow, if I remember correctly.

Night trains, by the way, are a pretty ideal way to get about. You don't get the best nights sleep but it's enough. Get a croissant and a cuppa in the morning too.

 We stayed in four days in Krakow because we kept missing the early morning (10am..) ride to Auschwitz. Auschwitz, we were both walking round, and there's not alot to say; everyone knows it all already; you've seen the empty suitcases and mounds of hair, kids shoes. and what's more - what words are two 20-something lads gunna summon up that can sum up what happened? No words.. just be there.. take it in.. and then remember. Every day since, i've remembered it, and i've learnt from it... "when genocide goes wrong".

Next stop: Prague. I really dug Prague, liked it much like Budapest. The architecture reminded me of Edinburgh too. Another city I could see myself living in. Really liked walking the streets there, looking at the people.

Next up.....


We stayed in Vienna for about 4 days too. I got ill there so was in bed for two of them, but, was a very nice hostel and gave me a chance to read. Went to the opera too, box ticked.

Final stop, and 1st Day train of the trip...

...and not a bad day for it; Zagreb.

Zagreb was a good city, I think Croatian's really like us English, they spoke the best English out of all the Eastern European's we met, and could keep up with my slang, which was refreshing. I was only there for a night & a day, but just walked the city. I think that's my favorite thing to do in a new place. Especially when you have a good song in tow. I remember reading something by Virginia Woolf, where she spoke of that happening when the street & the music come together into a moment, that really makes the hairs stand on the back on your neck and puts a spring in your step to see around each corner, every nook and cranny of the city.

I took a visit to the Zagreb Museum of Naive Art too, which was very refreshing. I told the woman at the desk to look at Cornish Naive art. Who can't enjoy naive art? It's so refreshing - compared with the mystifying fine art that most people are vaguely accustomed - and opposed - to. A breath of fresh air to eek out those artistic-knots in the soul.

And that was that, back home. The perfect thing to do after 3/4 months spent sat behind a computer working.

Whilst away, I got to visit three art galleries/museums of three of my favorite artists (Kollwitz / Mucha / Shiele). I'll write about this in another post.


Here's a little travel documentary of our trip. Inspired by Palin.


A little poem about the English General Public, sketched up on the plane back home (in the style of Howl);

The General Public, who always leave the flash on.
The general public, who cutely pay 3 Euro's to go the opera, and then Shh! at the first chance they get.
The general public, who affix 'quite' before most emotions.
The general public, who, in Ancient Athens, would have been called Pleb's.
The general public who's marital affair's finds wings in dance halls;
The men dance with weighted elbows,
The women - for no one but themselves (they say).
The general public, who secretly like it dirty, but secretly-secretly are rather prudish.
The general public, too tired to stay awake.
The general public who chewed up all the pen nibs (even rubbers off pencil-ends).
The general public, who support United & have since the age of five.
The general public, who visit Italian Trattatoria's & order chicken and chips.
The general public who condemn Julian Assange, the rapist.
The general public, who will one day plastic-wrap banana's.
The general public, who positively, unassumedly consider Kit-Kat, Quaver's & Dairy Lee their friends; who trust when they talk to them through the TV screens.
The general public, who I consider with cyniscm & contempt, but then - how can one be content, when staring in the mirror?

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