I don't want to change the world....

...I just want to watch it go by.

Compiled some pictures together to make this, I used After Effects, Flash, and then, regrettably, Windows Movie Maker (to get filesize down for net). Just a quicky.

~ Enjoy


I nabbed me nans scanner the other day and now have scanned ALOT of stuff in, huzzah!

Here's some stuff.

Here's last weeks work for Kathy's sketchbook project... the rule was "Draw what you're reading.. be it an exact incarnation, or just what you envision whilst reading". It was my rule and I am happy with the outcome:

(Not a book, I bought Call of Duty 4 the other day, have been playing it alot)

Love on the Dole.

On the Road, I also did a colour version of this quick..:

Colour version.

I was reading a book about Socrates and got this image of a father & son in my head.


That's it for the drawing project, but here are some more pictures for you to look at from my past sketchbook.

Nighthawk, Smiths lyrics & Darwin

Wedding day, swansea beach girl, & stress head



Hey guys I thought i'd update you on my 'Animal Firm' project.

I've got a story I like coming together. This was infact my problem previously. I really liked the story, but I couldn't IMAGINE the art style to go along with it. But, I remembered back to watching CoonSkin, had a look at it again. The way it handles serious subject matter pretty much showed me the way.

Sometimes I find that with animation. Through the years of marginalisation & trivialisation, the Disney mould and what not.. sometimes it's HARD to actually envision something you yourself are creating.

I've cited alot of influences on this project. Im a little dismissive at that fact because it would be nice to be totally original, but alas this is meant to be a draft for a television series, not something from the depths of my own heart & brain. So t'is fine and actually quite rewarding piecing together the influences.

Here they are:

  • CoonSkin (the level of seriousness in the subject matter and how it works in the animation)
  • Mean streets (the companionship of the lads)
  • Libertines (as above, see especially 'What became of the likely lads?' Vid) (plus for there preaching of 'Albion', the English sentiment)
  • Taxi Driver (Presedential assasination story)
  • Inbetweeners (Early influence now lost a little... this would only be for the grouping of the lads.. that is all)
  • This is England (see Libertines) (plus the easily inplanted racist ideals)
  • American History X ('easily inplanted racist ideals') (plus the character of Sock n' Cheese is somewhat a pastiche of the older neo nazi guy in AHX)
  • Socrates (Sock n cheese..)

The story basically revolves around a group of lads who are out to make a splash in there seaside town. They see the Prime Minister coming to town as this splash; there way to make an impact, there way to make a name for themselves.

So they set out to assassinate him, under the philisophical guidance of the old master Sock n'Cheese, a malevolent incarnation of Socrates.

The lads all have there own seperate reasons for doing so, some purely for pride, another to feed his son - they are spurred on by the financial backing of local underground business woman Lola.

So anywho that sums it up. I've gone into the story more than I perhaps should, but I dont care - im happy to because otherwise I wouldnt of liked the idea and my interest would of slipped.

Thats all for now folks.

Fashion show: Update 2

Heelo. Me and Brian have been working on it most of today trying to get something together, it's more than getting there now, Im pretty sure we'll be done by tuesday (atleast ready for corrections - if any)

Anywho, here's some bits and bobs to have a look at.

This is some of the animation of the girls i've been doing. The thing with these is they will be silhouetted ontop of a moving background.. so any minor errors (for example knees jerking out a little too far) will not be noticable. Also, they have come out a bit to... sexy perhaps? But the thing is we can use them coyly, have the legs in close up for example. See what you think anyway, it may not be fine in your eyes.

 - Poser
 - Simple one
 - The sexual looking one
 - These are all variations of the same thing [ One ] [ Two ] [ Three ] [ Four ].


Brian will then take these and add the silhouette effect in behind them. This is a little preview of how that'll look :
Something like this..
Or this.


Hope you guys like what we've got so far. Brian is going to add more flair to them in After Effects, but this is the basic building blocks.

Fashion show: Update

Brian has posted a few test animations you should have a look at:

Fashion show: Names

Heres my (simple) idea of how the names should appear. This is just a draft test, the final thing will look much nicer.



Also Brian has posted an update to his blog:



Fly project

Today have made a few steps towards the finished thing. We've started to polish up specific shots for the ending.

Chris has made some cool images of world sites being destroyed. Now, in the brief, Denzil was specific that we should NOT include notable landmarks from around the world, however, because we are including a multitude of them, this in essence makes it non-specific to location. I have okay'd this with Denzil too.

Heres some of Chris' images:

Thomas has been mashing out pictures of flies still. He gave me some images I could use for the fly taking off for the final shot of the intro (when the fly is on the American flag). I scanned them all in and traced over them in Flash, coloured them, then exported the file to After Effects to modify. I am not the best at After Effects, but will have a go at messing with it. If I cant get it right i'll hand it over to Chris or Brian to have a tinker. You can see what i've done here:

Also I animated a guy running yesterday, which Brian has already got into After Effects. THIS is my guy running, and THIS is Brian's edit.


So, have a gander, see what you think. All is progressing nicely I feel, and although the deadline is coming up quick, we WILL be done me reckonss, Done and DUSTED.

Possible fonts

this post is intended for Brian & Chris primarily. But Kathy & Jane if you'd like to have a look too that'd be good.

Have been toying with possible fonts for the fashion show. This is the sort of thing I had in mind. My favourite is either the 'Edwardian script' one, or the 'Scriptina', both on a boxed background.

The box background style is something I keep seeing recently, its a modern look - kind of like information signs you see in the street. Channel 4 use it alot, see their website ( www.channel4.com ).

But yeah anywho see what you think.

Group project work,

An update on the group project:

It's going well, people are doing there parts, we just need to meet up in person more often. One thing we definetly got going for us in this digital age is the internet. We're all able to communicate over Facebook and keep each other updated with what's going on, which is what we've been doing. We have a group which we all post too. Im really happy with Brians animatic he whipped up, it pretty much sums up what I had in mind too, it was made form Chris's storyboards.

You can check it out here:

Thomas is an obsessive-Compulsive-drawer... which is exactly what you need to spur yourself on. He's pretty much mastered the art of drawing flies.

Anywho, i am genuinely very hopeful of the outcome, from the animatic atleast - I think, when polished & shiny it will be very good. High hopes indeed.

Heres a few drawings i've done today for it. These will be stills that will either be in the surrounding panels of the comic, or will be central.

Stay tuned for more.

Thom Yorke painting

I did a painting of Thom Yorke the other night while drunk.. had a lot of fun doing it, but knew that when I woke up, it may not be the image I remembered from the night before...

I woke up and im not sure how much I like it. The actual painting was a bit off, chin was too sticking out and you didnt get a massive feel of who it was, but I was very happy with colours i'd used.

Anywho, I had a mess with it in Photoshop yesterday. RadioHeads art work is all very 'photoshopped'. If you check out the cover for OK computer you'll see what I mean, you can see digital scratchy paint strokes all over it. So using Photoshop in an obvious and digitised way made sense. Check out the video for House of Cards too.

So yee see what you think, it was an experiment and I will venture down that avenue once again.

Website making

Ello people. I have been making a website for my girlfriend for the last week, have a look and see what you think. Its not finished yet, I still need to put up her actual WORK, but for now the basic website is there. The whole site is done in Flash with alot of images created in PS. I havent done anything like this in a while so am glad with the turnout. Its a photography website so needed a bit of a snazzy look to stand out. Also, ignore the annoying banner ad at the top, that will be removed when we buy some server space.

If you have got any feedback or anything i'd appreciate hearing them so type in the comment box below.