Here's some recent sketches of people out-and-about.:
In New York, in London, in airports & ASDA.

In airport on way to L'America
..And the way back.

WLH - concept art of supermarket

Bit of concept art..

Jeanie in the supermarket:

Here's a bit of concept art for the supermarket scene.
The first one doesn't really propose what I want it to be like, but is just a nice little character piece on Jeanie, lookin' like a quaint mum.

The second is me trying to do Ralph Steadman's style - The checkout-girl with barcode eyes.


Bin to ASDA today & sat in the canteen for an hour or so drawing peeps. Will update this post later with drawings. Also was a good chance to get some photos. 

I want this film to be about common people, the everyday person, the middle people. Or to be topical, 'the 99%'.

WLH - A bit about it.

I haven't really delved into what the story's about as of yet, so shall take that opportunity now..

Its a love story.., 'a day in the life of' about two 30-40 something's, married, and stuck. Their marriage is stuck-in-a-rut, each coping with it their own way. One bearing the reality and trying to carry it forward, the other, trying to escape.

Set during the late 80's, the setting will be British & nostalgic; Mothers doing the shopping, bobbing heads on the small town bus & sunken blokes in backs of pubs. It will have social commentary elements on the day-to-day roundabout of life.

I want to play around with the film, experiment with empathy, and the audiences changing affinity for characters.


A glimpse into the powerful writing team behind the production...:
...And Nigel.

Sure to be a classic.

Another bit of concept art, again inspired by an old cinema picture

WLH: Dim

Drawing of Dim. 
Went to this exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery called 'Glamour of the Gods' a month or so back. It was a collection of images of classic movie stars. The above picture is a homage to an image of Marlon Brando in the same pose, same style.

Wife Left Home research

Martin Parr:

Larry Sultan: 


Richard Billingham:

I wanted to demonstrate how relationships can be seen in an image; and how the colour of those relationships, the emotion, can be felt.
The Martin Parr photo's are more for 80's reference. In showing the 80's, I want to stay clear of the cheese ('Frankie goes to holywood' / Bon Jovi's hair etc) and try to get the reality. I like the garishness of Parr's pictures, but the subtle details are really what's striking as inspiration.

..and for Derek:

...Oh yes.

Work's going really well on the project. Its a funny feeling, it feels like the days are dropping like flies, but then you think back to something you did only a few days ago, and it feels like a weeks gone by. We're working hard on it, the story is pretty much completely written, its onto the dialogue soon. But next job : Storyboarding. I want to have the animatic 1st draft done by this time next week.

WLH - Dad anim test

Quicky animation test. Want to do a bunch of these over the next couple of weeks. Excuse the pencil anim, its been a while..:

Have a Gif, BOING!!!

Life drawings - First sesh of new term

Life drawings from wednesday. Aaah feels good to be back. Instead of just uploading the good ones, im going to upload the lot from now on. Think it'll be cool to look back on at the end of the year.

Weirdly, despite not doing LD over the summer, I think i've improved. Not in practice but in thought; Have got really into the book Force & the drawing style of Michael D Mattesi. If you havent seen it already check it out (I will be returning it to the library soon so some other lucky schmuck can go nab it)

Prefer the quick 2 min sketch the the left to the actual worked up one.

its a ghost


FMP Dad character building

NOTE!! IF ANYONE wants some concept art doing / character design etc etc; get in touch. Am willing to help.

..Equally if you're interested in working on this with me, get in touch.

(Final Major Project)

I'm planning to do a short animated love story. It's about two people we all feel we know, stuck in a viscous circle we wouldn't like to know.. a mother at her tether's, and a father who's nowhere.

Its going to be set in the late 80's, and the working title is 'Wife Left Home'.

Have had the idea in my head for some while, and i'll delve into it a little more another time.

For now, here's the dad character through various stages of development.
As always comments / criticism very welcome.

This was my first page of sketches. I went for the typically brutish sorta look, I quite like the posture of the one to the right. It wasn't right though, I want the character fat.

Page 2 came out with simillar themes, however, I really like the one in the upper right, think it's pretty bang-on for the character I want - fun/fat/alpha-male/brutish/controlled. I want him gentle, but like he could explode.

So there we go. I got to a point where I was quite content with the 8th drawing above (also 5). I think he's got a nice build to him. Bit like a tubby young Marlon Brando, if that makes any sense.

However, gave it a going over the following day, and came up with a more concept-art sort of look. It's less realistic and more caricatured:

Tomorrow's plan is to get the turnarounds done. I think I prefer the first design, but we'll see.

UPDATE - turnaround