Ident project

Finished my ident project. I had a bit of a set back in that me computer died and I changed my idea accordingly. I was gunna do it all in flash and try and do a Tex Avery style thing, but dont think i had the time to get it done just in the studio (late nights are the best nights for animating).

So instead I changed my idea to a graffiti style thing done in 'mixed media'. I did a bit of 2D animation, a bit of pixelation, and combined it in After Effects with some... after effects added in.

Am happy with the end result, I did the audio quite easily, it's one track of me saying 'Reeedd roooom..', one track of music from the free sound project, & another FSP file of radio static. I think the audio goes well with it so am happey.

I like it too because it plays on the 'redrum' thing from the shining. The text 'red room' is playing in reverse... simillar to how in the film, 'Red Rum' is seen in reverse in the mirror. Also it's in blood red, and also the pronounciation is quite similar! So all in all an ode to the shining, just what Virgin media where after i'm sure.

You can watch it here although Youtube has squashed it horizontally.


We break up today which is cool. I am lookin forward to falling back into the bubble of homelife... not having to make food, not having to work.. t'is all gooood. I will keep up the habit of drawing alot over easter, I do that anywho without pushing myself.

So yeah, peace out n see ya when I get back. Ta-ra.

Flash and storyboard completed

Wahey I have finally finished the flash & the story board projects. I came in at 10 this morning thinking it'd take an hour or two to touch up the Flash & scan in the story board.. but no, ended up taking me 8 hours... Gaawwwd. Feels good to be finished except me heads aching pretty severely..!

Anywho here is the flash



These were both projects of things I really enjoy. I would like to be a story board artist maybe when i'm done. I really like films too so maybe that is ma way into the film industry.. Flash too is good. I have been doing it for years but have not attempted a lip sync for a while. It was good fun adding character to the voice. But I hope I neveer meet that girl.. built up a hatred for her while animating.

Anywho enjoi.

3D room finished

All done. I actually quite like it now. Got a massive headache but it's done, cool. Reet, off to Swansea ta-ra.

3d room

Hello. I am not a fan of 3D but am plugging away at it. Am not enjoying this.

Bit of a cop out really ey?

One day i'll be good at 3d but for now... Meh. I want to stick to 2D & stop-motion, but realise learning 3D will broaden the horizon somewhat - jobwise especially. Still don't like it though and it aint all about the money anyways afterall.

-Ciao for now.

After Effects - mess around

Messin aboot in After Effects. This is ma pal big Bates. Generally just bored so gave him a new mouth.

Live at Five

managed to brake my computer the other day so expct less frequent blog posts. I was trying to update it but ended up killing it insted. Am gunna take it to the uni technicians and see if they can fix it for me

Anywho, I did Live at Five last week and here's my write up onit.

Doing live at five was a blast. Really enjoyed working as a team & working to deadlines. It was good having briefs sent down  sporaddically and a deadline to work too... meant I couldn't just shelve it and do it later (as is usual with me). When it was all wrapped up and he had the review off the woman from Westcountry news ( i believe..) I felt like we were a real team - 'the graphics team'. Andy was our Gandalf and we were his hobbit companions.

It was a good group too. Brian is already an accomplished After Effects user so that helped considerably. We basically paired off round the centre table with the girls (Grethe & Emily) hammering away at the title straps and other things, me & Thomas working on the sports section, n' Brian & Scott working on the weather + more. T'was good.

I didnt think i'd enjoy working to a deadline but it was a good larf and feel now if I were to get a job like that - it wouldnt be a problem.

Here is my grand achievment from the day: