Nobody told me there'd be days like these

"Everybody's talking and no one says a word,

Everybody's making love and no one really cares,

There's nazis in the bathroom just below the stairs.

Always something happening and nothing going on
There's always something cooking and nothing in the pot

Everybody's smoking and no one's getting high
Everybody's flying and never touch the sky
There's Ufo's over New York and I ain't too surprised.

Strange days indeed."
Listen to it here

Pop life

Hello. I am in Guildford right now with my girlfriend. We came up to see an exhibition at the Tate Modern yesterday called 'Pop Life'. It was an exhibition about Pop art -  so was interesting for me as i've had a flaking interest in it since I was in school and when asked to research an artist - decided I liked Andy Warhol.

It was interesting, it explored Andy Warhols' vision that 'good business is the best art' by looking at subsequent artists to follow his scheme. The most interesting revelation for me, was half-way concluding my ongoing war with 'what is art..?'

I often find myself looking at things on gallery walls and asking why is that there, does it deserve its pride of place? Is that art? etc. In the exhibition, in the room displayed like the 'Pop Shop' I looked up and saw T shirts on the wall. I looked up at them and asked the questions - why are they there, what's the point and so on; but then I realized that I actually thought they were pretty snazzy t shirts.
So its not good enough to be on a gallery wall  - but it is good enough to be on a t shirt? Well that just tells me that my ongoing problem with art then is not so much with art but with the environment that it's exhibited... I may not like Damien Hurst's cow model... but if a friend had created that I would be bloody marveled.. again the environment constricting my opinion of the art.

There were some questionable things at the exhibit... a pornographic pic of Brooke Shields as a child had been taken down before we went which shoulda told us what to expect. Jeff Coons... forever I will remember you as the smiling face of 80's porno, unfortunately.

There was this other lady whos work was - literally - she would find a gallery owner, have sex with him & record it, then that would be exhibited in the gallery. Now the exhibition didnt have plaques explaining the intentions & motifs of the artists unfortunately because it would of been interesting to dig deeper on this estranged woman. My view is that she's pushing boundaries - sure - but in the direction no one cares to follow. What was her point?


I don't know what art is - but I dont care to call anything I do art - if I can find a better suited namesake I will. I do drawings, Biro's & HB's. I do animations. Im no artist "I'm just a song and dance man".

Hello, my names Terry and i'm a law abider

'And when the weekends' here, I excersise my right,
to get paraletic and fight.
Good bloke fairly,
but I get well lairy
When Geezers look at me funny,
Bounce 'em round like bunnies.

The thing I mentioned before

Here we go all done. My pal Nick was here earlier and we recorded the guitars for this, now it's done.

The idea behind it is how Che Guevara has now become just an icon.. rather than the iconic bloke i'm sure he was. I say 'am sure', because I myself am one of the ones who bought this work on... I have had his poster on my wall since I was about 13, but have not yet looked into him. So here this is to all the people like myself who need to scratch beneath the painted surface and find out just who this guy was, not just a pretty face.

I don't know what kind of animation you'd class this as... Stop motion? I did it by stenciling out the image and then painting it on my shower wall in acryllic paint. It's the first time i've used acryllic paint outside the secondary school art room (where it was used more for flickin on peoples clothes rather than painting with...) so I didn't know how well it would work, if it would run down the wall etc... well, it didnt run, but it did come off easily, which was perfect for the project because I could spray on a little water to dampen it, scratch a little paint off, then add some below. It didn't take all that long really, about 3 hours to finish the animation, about 20 minutes to put the stencil on in the first place? Cutting it out was the longest part.

Anywho enjoi

"We're just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl" TA RA.  ~


I think i'm repeating myself, but since I bin at uni, i've been drawing alot. One a day atleast. I find whenever I draw a picture, it's usually the best picture i've ever drawn. So I find i'm always getting better which is why I guess I keep going. I wonder when i'll hit the roof n' my drawings will start to become worse than the last...?

Anywho, keep optimistic. There is no roof.

I bin hanging out with my girlfriend in Swansea over the last weekend, and am going up to London to see her in a couple of weeks when she gets back from Cuba. This information means nothin to you i'm sure, but you gotta love your girl!


Here's some drawings from the last week or two.

Ralph Steadman & Hunter S Thompson. This is the first Ink i've ever done
so I thought it'd be fitting to draw Ralph Steadman.

Answers on a postcard as to who the first and last are please.


Last night I had this idea when I was in the shower(the place all great ideas come from) to make me a stencil and have a go at trying something out with it. Well, 24 hours later the stencils cut & the animations done. It's a bit of a test really, i've never used acryllic paint before & I've never painted on my shower wall before either... so a learning curve. I'll update tomorrow with the finished work, I'm gunna play some guitar to it & get my flatmate to play violin on it too (Hopefully...).

While talking about ye ole guitar, I got me mate Nick down this weekend for a good ole' jam. My last night before uni me n him stayed up till 5, got drunk and jammed our little socks off. The weekend calls for a repeat. Back to the old 16 hour jam sessions that fly by.... TIME FLIES WHEN.

Ciao ~

Animation test

Ah well, i'm still up so I may aswell upload this. Youtube has made the quality shitty so watch in full screen n' you'll get the jist.

"We watched 'Muto' by Blu last week in class and this is a test based on the method of that, although scaled down quite a bit. It's about two hours of work. The idea if I were to fully finish it would be to relate Darwins 'the origin of species' into an animation that walks it's way through evolution. A grand idea but for now atleast heres a tiny snippet as a test."

Plato's cave

Just bin reading the story of Plato's cave, and I thought, 'what a good story to animate...' BUT, seems someone beat me to it.. Ah well, mine woulda been better i'm sure; I rest assured... for sure..

I've not updated my blog for a while so will do so with some animation work tomorrow. I got a week off next week too because i'm not going to Bradford... so the plan is ~ Get to grips with Maya, Re-read a weekly-reading every other night, watch some films I bin meaning to watch and read some books I bin meaning to read... do some drawing; and just generally relax...


Bouncing cube

Heelo. Messed with Maya today and got a little more familiar with it. Some day soon im gunna sit down n get all tangled up in Maya and hopefully come out a better 3d animator for it, probably slightly more nerdy too. Bloody maths!

So yeeeaah that's that.

In other news, watched this pretty decent documentary last night about Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg & William Burroghs. It documents how the beat generation began & helped somewhat revolve into the hippy movement. It's on the uni library stream service if you wanna check it out, 'The Source' it's called. Johnny Depp, Dennis Hopper & John Turtorro star.

This isn't a clip from it but it's pretty damn cool.

Here are some drawings too:



Bounce y'lil ragamuffin you! Yeeeah boyy.

Doin' me homework

Yo. I've been doin' a bunch of research this week, tonight and last night reading up on the cartoons of Tex Avery, Chuck Jones & Bob Clampett and their 'Termite terrace'. I find it interesting as a parallel to disney. When it comes to writing for animation and differentiating on what's been before, it's quite a tricky area... you create what you know. But those guys did something very different from Disney & it's gone on to be just as enforced. However, I find it still sits within the 'velvet glove';

"animation is important because the ideological force of its meanings can function precisely as an iron fist in the velvet glove of gags and sentimentality."

There's an interesting documentary up on Moodle about Chuck Jones where I heard Spielberg (I believe it was..) say that the following is the Citizen Cane of animation. I thought this was a brilliant cartoon, really enjoyed it and genuinely laughed, but it's going to take me some time and understanding before I can concur with that point. Anywho here it is, 'One Froggy Evening'


So, besides animation and the hard life of being a student, what have I bin up to. My girlfriend came down for the weekend and it was brill having not seen her for a few weeks. She bought me a camera which takes four photographs in sequence over the space of a second, and it is absolutely brilliant.. and completely relevant too. So, here's some 'animated photographs' I guess you could call 'em! I wasted a whole film in five days, whoops.

So that's about it. Time to do some more research... in other words, watching cartoons, nostalgin' & drawing... 15 years of education and it's back to being a five year old... isnt it great?

A little research here and there

Hellooo again. Tonight i've been filling me brain with all tiddly bits of research and more importantly and correctly, inspiration. I've been reading through Anne's weekly readings and checking out some of the animations mentioned.

It's a shame about the connotations to black culture, and the representation of black people being these one-dimensional jolly dancers - But I really enjoy the style of alot of the typical 'black face' cartoons.. that old animated, fun, jazzy style. I've been checking some out such as..



I really liked Sunbeam because I have an inkling for animations set to music. It's very well done. I liked the immediacy of the storytelling moreso in Coal Black.

And finally here's something a little different, I got linked to this earlier, a little bit of experimental animation. Makes you marvel at the time the guy must have spent putting it together, but in reality, I doubt it was much longer than many other more traditional animations of the same length out there.

That's all, folks.

Old blog reborn

Wow that's a surprise, I never remembered I ever created a blog on this here blogger but there ya go I guess I did, and it was booming back in the day clearly, 1 post - 0 replies, Whoar!

So here it is reborn, and will contain all animation work, drawings, films, tiddly-bits of inspiration and whatever else is to grace it during my time at university.

To start off here's the first bit-of animation i've created since being here in Falmouth. I call it "A Smile not to disimillar to Dwight Yorke's", CLICK HERE to watch.

I've started using watercolours lately and am really liking them, usually i'd do a drawing, with my biro or nib-end, chewed up HB pencil; and once it's done, its nice but there's no where else to go. Watercolours add to that as I can get in there and simply make it alot better, It's good for shading and colour depth. So this is my fourth watercolour i've done, it's of my sister.


That's all for now, expect more posts soon. Ta-ra!