Show Reel 2011

Seems we all decided to make Show reels in secret. Enjoy:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Hey guys. I Have been in contact with Theo who is arranging the Pleasance Theatre section at the Ediburgh Fringe Festival. It's a brilliant chance for us all to have our work exhibited, at, quite frankly, a pretty distinguished location! It's the opportunity to see your work on the big screen, to help work on something exciting, and will look good on the CV.

This is a brilliant opportunity, so have a look at what Andy said HERE, and get in touch. Why not ey?!

Royal Wedding animation

Am very happy with it. Think the song really goes well with the various images, and it captures the feel of the day which was the plan. The other plan was to make something pretty for our show reels, which I also think we've achieved. I'm very happy with some of the shots we managed to do and am proud to have em on my show reel. Will write more about it later, but for now, check it oooot:

Royal wedding vid. For now... We're both thinking it'd be fun to carry on with, and to also include some overflowing transitional effects in there also... stay tuned..

Royal wedding preview

Here's a shot preview of my bits from our Royal Wedding video. It's not done yet, two days of hard work to go.

NOTE - The music has just been chucked on there for kicks. Will have a different song on the finished version.


 Kind of carrying on from this post the other day, thinking about it, what a brilliant stage the internet is for so many academic art students. Think - for us animators - Newgrounds, Youtube, 11 second club etc.. Deviant art (etc) for the practical art students, Flikr, Facebook for photographers, Myspace & SongCloud for musicians. But moreso than that - these aren't just hobby sites, these are places you can begin your career. My journalist student mates have all used the internet to get published on respected websites (eg: FourFourTwo, Plymouth Argyle FC), and same for us - money is to be made. At the very least it's a fantastic launch pad.

So what a shame arts courses are losing popularity with the men in charge and funding is being cut in various ways. As far as I understand it the government looks at it from the perspective that 1) Other things must take priority economically (public services etc), and 2) that there are too many art courses and not enough jobs to cater to them. Fair enough. but it's a shame that this comes about at a time where there is now a real stage for anyone in an art's world to get noticed, or to make a career. I'm not trying to criticize the government (because whatever they do they will always step on peoples toes) but I do wonder if they see the potential the internet has.