"Keep doing what you want to do and you'll get there in the end"

"Keep doing what you want to do and you'll get there in the end."

Whether that's Quentin Tarantino, working in a video rental shop writing scripts for True Romance & Reservoir Dogs on the side, or the thousands of garage bands with something real to say. I think we can all agree that hunger & desire are the key ingredients, its always the same story, just with different plot points (ta Olly).

I think the internet is an amazing realization of this philosophy. It crops up in much more bizarre ways than simply a movie director or a garage band, and here is one perfect example of that. This guy made this (fairly odd, but brilliant) video of a remix of Disney's Alice in Wonderland clips. He posted it up on the net, and eventually it got him doing the same thing, officially - for Pixar. I think that's true testament to the above quote.

Here's the Alice vid:

And here's the UP one:

Snazzy ey?

EDIT - Another note on the power the internet has for change - This past year it has quite comprehensibly revolutionized journalism : the whole WikiLeaks scandal, Ryan Giggs being revealed on the internet, & Twitter as a means of communication between celebrities and the public - missing the middleman - the publisher.


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