This is why I love animation, Part 1

Gunna start a new little feature here on my blog, which is essentially a library of all the animation that I love. 2D animation especially has so much virtue in it, and to begin with, this, I think, is my favorite music video ever..

Rome - Two Against One by Anthony F. Schepperd

A quote from Anthony F. Schepperd (the animator behind it) - "Animation gives us the rare opportunity to spill our most coveted attribute, the imagination"

This is how I feel about animation too; This is why I love Virginia Woolf's writing so much. What she toiled to do in her writing is a shared attribute of animations; It's such a vivid & likely way to express the mind -- and feelings. It can do this very succinctly, e.g...

Sisyphus by Jankovics Marcell

Balance by Wolfgang & Christoph Lauenstein

Animation too you sometimes find can be a little too ambiguous for it to really mean anything to you at that precise moment. But often, because of the aesthetic beauty of it, those images are locked in your mind, and recalled as a metaphor at a later date.:
Rotary Signal Emitter by Reuben Sutherland

Even when animation is being more filmic, the ingrained, implicitly spontaneous attributes of the medium lend it to subjectivity.. - eg; how the characters move (the weight & exaggeration), the colours, the drawing style, weight of the line, the flow of the animation, the smoothness of it or choppyness etc etc etc (Film has similar abilities, but they are alot more confined and not as vividly implicit).  EG - 
Les Chiens Isol├ęs by CRCR

Everything I can see From Here by Sam Taylor & Bjorn Aschim

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