'Emotion reaction' animation for Derrick

Am working on my weekly animation for Derrick, and here's a bit of a animatic i've put together thus far. It's just the key poses i'd like to include, focusing on the 'silouette' ideal. Will work it up into a character later, but for now am just trying to get my idea down.

NOTE - Click it to get it to play. It's a gif.

Here's a bit of an update. Am trying to work him into some nicer poses (have redone the first half). Need to work out the timing better still, but you can see the key poses in there & hopefully realise the emotion change.

I have been watching vids/reading about Milt Kahl all night, so have set my bar high!

Here's an update from today. Still need to inbetween it, I think I shall keep it rough though, I am happy with the look of it as you can still see the animation quality, just not the drawing quality. I have worked out the timing too, and think he moves just about right.

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