Welcome back!

The course officially restarted a week ago. It's nice to be back in the swing of things, I have finished my lifting animation assignment from Derrick, well I say finish but I still need to line-test it & compile it into a movie on the comp... so may come across some errors.

But yeah i'm pretty happy to be back. I had a great summer in Italy, and now back to learning. Except it's fun learning :)

Here's a few pics from Italy:

check out the massive Calzone pizza.

Grand canal in Venice.

At the Palio in Siena (THE PALIO IS A MUST)
This video goes someway to catching the feeling and the atmosphere, but the Palio is admittedly one of the bizzarest & most passionate crowds i've ever been in.

 The palio winner

 This is what a 17 euro ice cream looks like...! (bought from outside the Duomo in Florence)

my Birthday cake (Florence)

David (in Michelangelo Piazza, Florence)

Outside St.Peters, doorstep of the Vatican

That'll do for now. Am working on an animation of all our pictures. Hopefully it'll come out well, it's a bit of an experiment to see if that sorta thing works, shall post it up here when done.

Ciao bella

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