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Yo yo. So, I decided to have a punt at doing me some work experience. I've been trying to keep active in the summer.. 4 months is a long time, and I find if I don't keep at it my brain starts turning to mush. So reading has been my antidote to that. I read 'Heart of Darkness' the other day, brilliant book. For anyone not in the know, it's the book they based Apocalypse Now off of. Only instead of it being set in a river in the congo, its in Vietnam during the war.

It's a brill read and really is one of them stories that sticks with you.

Anywho so after reading that, I read a text about Apocalypse Now from 'Recycled Culture'. What you realise is that Coppola took the basic story framework from Heart of Darkness, and he wove in it these real life stories from the Vietnam war.. I believe he referenced alot of true tales that had come back with GI's. By doing so he uses Heart of Darkness as a vehicle to deliver this documentary-like analysis of America's actions.. the moments off the boat are like windows into America's self-righteousness at the time.

Speaking of America... that's where I am right now! I came over here to work for the animation/games website Newgrounds dot com. I'm sure some of you will know of it, For those that don't, its the first Animation/Game flash portal on the web where users can submit there own content - think like Youtube, except it came way earlier (1996). Tom (the boss man) also makes video games with his other company The Behemoth - check out Alien Hominid & Castle Crashers. Its a very fun laid back environment here and am very pleased to have the opportunity.. cant thank Tom enough for letting me come along!

Im working on an animation here about the London riots that happened recently. What I plan to do is to exemplify the spirit of those who rioted - try to understand their actions to some degree - or atleast exemplify the naivety & ignorance - ignorance to the faceless corporations, who we feel no bond with - have no respect for - because they are faceless. That's the way I feel it was, it kinda exploded out of this subconcious depreceation of the top of the ladder that has formed over the last 50 years or so. The story isn't from the side of the rioters, and it isn't from the side of the police - Think like Gus Van Sant's 'Elephant'. Anywho I intend to show that in the characters. Here's some pics from the storyboard:

As a side point, i've found the riots to be a very interesting occurence. Firstly, the rioters themselves showed that we are not necessarily a 'Big Brother state', the people still have freedom to take over once in a while, to get in the face of the law when things aren't happy. But secoundly, I found the rash punishments that are being handed out very interesting. I think this is good from the side of the law - it shows that our politicians aren't necessarily part of this PC 'Nanny state' either, they're able to swing the sword when need's be.


Here's some pictures from the office :-

massive telly

check out the custom drinks vendor. 

Will be posting updates from the office as me work progresses. Ciao for now 

Toms American facts #1 - It's hard shopping as a veggy over here, but resteraunts aren't too bad.
Toms American facts #2 - American's are nice people. 
(I swear these'll get more interesting as it goes on..)


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Olly said...

holy balls. That's epic.

Can't wait to here all about it when you get back, that is assuming they don't offer you a job and you never return.