WLH - general update

Thanks for all the brilliant feedback the other day people. Was very helpful. It's certainly given me a few things to think about, am certainly considering the whole montage thing. It was funny really because the general verdict was montage to save time, but then Jackson right at the end, sprung the original intention of the whole film - 'Like putting a camera down on a table in a pub' - the social commentary element. Hot damn.

Have had the weekend off to relax ye old brain, bin getting really into it all, and now am back on it. Im trying to find a happy compromise.

The key to the social commentary element (which I haven't really gotten over in the pitch or the anamatic) will be looped segments - people doing lobotomous tasks - shelf stacking, ironing, cleaning, drinking - etc. This will be the crux of the social commentary.

So what i've done is worked that into it a whole deal more. Jean's on the phone, but we also see her loop'd putting stuff away, doing the ironing etc.

It's looking quite good, and hey ho, i've managed to cut a whole minute off the breakfast conversation scene, which keeps the pace moving much better.

Here's a few bits n' pieces that I forgot to post.

Couple of expressions. Also the bottom line is attempts at drawing him drunk.  The second one from left is a bit rubbish, but i'm going to explore this more. Find a happy compromise between my style & Gerald Scarfe's/Ralph Steadmans.

I don't know if I mentioned, but I'm going to set the film in Falmouth. I thought 'why not'. It wont be perfectly Falmouth - there'll be no 'welcome to Falmouth!' shots. Think Falmouth if it were a little more down trodden and desolate... basically I just want to set it here to have a visual reference on my doorstep. QUITE LITERALLY

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