WLH - Bits n bobs

I've been doing concept/wow images all week getting ready for the pitch, and am feeling quite inspired since I discovered Dice Tsutsumi. He's a brilliant artist, who did the colour boards for Toy Story 3, I believe he was director of colour/lighting on the film, and for me, that's one of the elements that really shone in TS3.

He's got a very digital-yet-naturalistic style. Its quite simillar to Alberto Mielgo's digital work also. They both have a liking for naturalistic colours & sharp edges to the shapes. I think it really makes a point of the abilities of using photoshop etc as a medium.

Anywho, here's a few concept pieces. The one of Jean, I feel the colouring is trudging the steps of Dice Tsutsumi, although, there's quite a distance left to trudge!


The pitch is all gearing up. Bricking it, of course, but getting there ;)

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