Animation from last week

For the dissertation hand in week, myself n Mig both agreed to prioritise our diss's. The following week, I had a break 'n went back home. This last week, have got back on it. Check out the vid above to see what i've been up to.

Luke from the second year has also done a nice bit of animation of the skull exploding for us which you'll be able to see in the latest edit (which i'll upload later this week). Sophie too is helping out with the colouring which is great, am really looking forward to seeing some more completed scenes.

More soon, enjoy.

PS, while i've been working i've been watching lots of stuff. Netflix is a great little work companion. Despite the rumblings about it being 'best to animate in silence', I like to have something going on next to me when i'm doing some of the more lobotomous tasks.

I watched a good docu about Kurt Cobain yesterday, 'About a Son'. It gives a humbling view of him and his roots, worth checking out. I think overall stripping away the whole rockstar image, Kurt Cobain was just essentially a nice-humble friendly human being, much like all of us, and it's nice to listen to him talk about mundane things for a while.

This Doors documentary is pretty cool. Anything about the Doors is worth listening to though really isnt it. Great album.

Watched a few Hitchcock flicks too. I really like watching old films because they're alot more naive in their pursuit, and you get the sense that the studios weren't so heavy on them to do the 'same old same old' (perhaps because there was no same old same old). They try things out alot more (especially Hitchcock), sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. But eitherway its a pursuit of an interesting idea that is so fresh, even today.

This is interesting too.

Regardless of your stance on conspiracy theories (which I am open-ears too, although I don't like the hysteria/elitism that usually surrounds them), he brings forward some interesting ideas. Whether it's true or not (that there's some concious, sinister intent to recruit people to join the army), it's just sad enough as it is.. It's sad that killing people would be so naively painted in such a way.. To quote Belle & Sebastian:
If you’re going off to war then I wish you wellBut don’t be soreIf I cheer the other teamKilling people’s not my sceneI prefer to give the inhabitants a sayBefore you blow their town awayI like to watch them playI like to marvel at the random beauty of a simple village girlWhy should she be the one who’s killed? 

Ta to Mig for that one. He's been getting me onto all these videos. David Icke too. I think my postmen may be a lizard person but i'm not quite sure, he seems a little too curious of my tin-foil hat, I may have to follow him. Stay tuned.

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