Torn n Frayed

Did these two paintings the other week of the Rolling Stones. There done on massive bits of paper (bout half my height). The Keith Richards one is for me aunty and the Mick Jagger one is for my sister. I love Exile on Main Street so both photographs are from '72.

I've been getting a projector out over Easter, and for a while had been thinking it'd be good to try tracing an image off it onto the wall. The Keith one I did first, and I just straight up traced it. Altho I like the pic it felt a bit pointless doing it. Might aswell just print off a large picture of the photograph. So by the time I got round to doing the Mick one I wanted to do something a little different, hence the multicolour. I really like the colours, very fitting to my memory of the Stones.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
Great pics of Mick and Keef. My favourite Stones era too.
Here's a piece of Canadian art for you:

Aunty Jules

Anonymous said...

Yikes...It's the Bohemian Rhapsody video that you need...some of the others look a bit
Aunty Jules.

Thomas Howard Gameson said...

Ello ello! What's your email address i'll send you a higher quality version of them :)

Am digging the Canadian art, what a voice