Dart your eyes round the four corners of the room, make a cup of tea, flick through a book...

...Go sit on a bench and sigh, go to Tescoes and buy more stuff you don't really need.

These are my tips for overcoming computer sickness.. I thought my Mum was just tryin' to scare me when she said about square eyes.. but she forgot to mention losing the ability to cohesively speak in words, the numb bum & the dizzyness.

Computer sickness is an infliction... I find myself increasingly doing stranger and stranger things.. at 2am.. marching round the kitchen chanting the grand Old Duke of York at a faster and faster speeds...

Anywho here's a comp of animation from saturday-thursday. Most aren't quite finished but you get the jist.

As always would be very happy for any comments/criticism

Also, this is quite interesting to listen to. Glen Keane talking about animations capabilities. It's from 4 years before he left Disney, so with this in mind, will be interesting to see what he does now.

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