Have been doing some painting/pastels recently. Am really enjoying doing them, I've a lot to learn, every new painting is another lesson learnt.
Another good thing about it is that every new picture is better than the last.. its good to feel that upward climb again, I felt this way about sketching a while ago.. probably a year or two ago.
I'm enjoying using gouache most of all, that's what the George Harrison picture was done using. I've been using acrylics too, but I find the finish look is much too much like a poster paint picture you'd do in school.. the final line looks a little amatuer,. At least, that's my impression. No doubt with further practice I'd improve the line. The one of Leonard Cohen(bottom) is done in acrylic.
The other one is of Neil Cassady & Jack Kerouac. I actually did this s one back in July. I've not got a very good eye for colour, and both the Harrison one & the Kerouac/Cassady one are examples  of me averting the issue.. that one uses really varied eclectic colours thrown on as I see fit, the Harrison one is just blue & brown. 

The one of the girl is me pal Katy. Close but no cigar as they say. Getting there though.

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Aunt Jules said...

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