BEAT Magazine

So the last month or two has been a bit of a mad one. On friday, we head to the printers to pick up 5000 copies of the #1 issue of BEAT Magazine. It is  a local culture magazine for Torquay, published monthly, featuring articles on local bands & artists, street style, event reviews & a total Live Listings - over two pages, offering something for every night of the month.

We began talking about the magazine in the midst of the planning for a local art shop. We wanted to open up a little place where we could sell local art, put on classes - Life Drawing, Tai Chi, Meditation, & promote art in the local area. The more we spoke about it, the more we became aware of the incline of the hill. BEAT Magazine was something Steve had been doing for a while online. We decided some hazy green tea fueled night to make a print copy of the magazine, and work began. This was only about a month ago, maybe less.

The magazine is 16 pages, full colour. We are a team of three currently & have plans to expand. My friend Steve is the editor & in charge of advertising. I am the graphic designer, but have also been involved with other areas. & Dena is the newest member, in charge of press/photography.

Anywho, it's been quite a difference to animation, although it shares alot of similarities. Primarily, being a creative venture it shares many of the same attributes; working to a deadline, idea conception, style & decisions on aesthetics. I've found it pleasing the turn around time of something like this compared to animation; as I said the magazine has been from conception, birth to the end result something like a month.

\it's been alot of fun to do. We are really passion fueled in our desire - we can see things happening in Torquay (culturally) but not everybody is aware, we want to be the thread that winds through & pulls it all together. We're really inspired in our desire to see people motivated in our home town.

So if you're in the area, look out for Issue #1 available from the 1st! We are also holding a Launch Party to CELEBRATE! Come on down!

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