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Brotherly Love
A humongous event here at Mickey Mouse Has Grown Up a Cow (aka Tom Gameson's blog).. we have my first ever guest poster! Comes straight from the lips of ma boy Jimbo Cox, read it and believe..
As someone who, since turning eighteen, has always been employed (including through university, entirely) and has never been on benefits, I think the dole is fantastic. The safety net it provides is an element of our country I am proud of.
In my opinion, benefits will always be abused, but denying people money that need it because of this abuse by others is evil.
I find it very interesting that The Conservatives inherited a ‘’broken Britain’’ according to many, yet people are less moved by the fact that The Red Cross are giving donations to homes in The U.K for the first time since the Second World War this winter. To me this shows that people consider being unable to buy a third family car due to Labour policies including benefits being exploited (when really it was a global financial crisis) more ‘’’broken’’ than people on your street receiving aid usually reserved for third world countries in crisis. And that is harrowing.
I do find it strange how some benefit receivers appear to live so wealthily, for example, a mate of mine back home who has a pregnant girlfriend and a son bought my TV off me (that I needed money for) to put in his bedroom! His girlfriend does not work and I work a lot harder than him, yet he has a lot more for himself. Perhaps this is because I spend my money on plane tickets. Truthfully, I don’t seek the reason, because I don’t care. To be perfectly honest, I don’t give a shit if people forever abuse these benefits they receive. Let’s go by Daily Mail-esque example. If a Polish immigrant’s lazy nature and subsequent benefits are what prevents a middle-class man from buying a 50 inch TV to watch X-Factor on then that is fine by me, the only part I am sickened by is that this man is watching X-Factor (why is it that people buy big screens to watch the shittest television on?). If an overly rewarding benefit system is what prevents the disparity between rich and poor from being so huge then I highly endorse it (and I say this as someone who, when I finally decide to enter it the real world, is aiming as high up the career ladder as I can go).
Any way, that’s my two cents, we could make a blog together man, across the hemispheres! I got a lot of ideas about what to write about, from politics to more light hearted subjects.
If anybody else has anything to add on the subject (the dark side of the dole) then please, feel free to send in - whether onside or on the contrary its very interesting to here those perspectives we don't often hear in our 'who shouts the loudest' society

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