The thing I mentioned before

Here we go all done. My pal Nick was here earlier and we recorded the guitars for this, now it's done.

The idea behind it is how Che Guevara has now become just an icon.. rather than the iconic bloke i'm sure he was. I say 'am sure', because I myself am one of the ones who bought this work on... I have had his poster on my wall since I was about 13, but have not yet looked into him. So here this is to all the people like myself who need to scratch beneath the painted surface and find out just who this guy was, not just a pretty face.

I don't know what kind of animation you'd class this as... Stop motion? I did it by stenciling out the image and then painting it on my shower wall in acryllic paint. It's the first time i've used acryllic paint outside the secondary school art room (where it was used more for flickin on peoples clothes rather than painting with...) so I didn't know how well it would work, if it would run down the wall etc... well, it didnt run, but it did come off easily, which was perfect for the project because I could spray on a little water to dampen it, scratch a little paint off, then add some below. It didn't take all that long really, about 3 hours to finish the animation, about 20 minutes to put the stencil on in the first place? Cutting it out was the longest part.

Anywho enjoi

"We're just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl" TA RA.  ~

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