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Hello. I am in Guildford right now with my girlfriend. We came up to see an exhibition at the Tate Modern yesterday called 'Pop Life'. It was an exhibition about Pop art -  so was interesting for me as i've had a flaking interest in it since I was in school and when asked to research an artist - decided I liked Andy Warhol.

It was interesting, it explored Andy Warhols' vision that 'good business is the best art' by looking at subsequent artists to follow his scheme. The most interesting revelation for me, was half-way concluding my ongoing war with 'what is art..?'

I often find myself looking at things on gallery walls and asking why is that there, does it deserve its pride of place? Is that art? etc. In the exhibition, in the room displayed like the 'Pop Shop' I looked up and saw T shirts on the wall. I looked up at them and asked the questions - why are they there, what's the point and so on; but then I realized that I actually thought they were pretty snazzy t shirts.
So its not good enough to be on a gallery wall  - but it is good enough to be on a t shirt? Well that just tells me that my ongoing problem with art then is not so much with art but with the environment that it's exhibited... I may not like Damien Hurst's cow model... but if a friend had created that I would be bloody marveled.. again the environment constricting my opinion of the art.

There were some questionable things at the exhibit... a pornographic pic of Brooke Shields as a child had been taken down before we went which shoulda told us what to expect. Jeff Coons... forever I will remember you as the smiling face of 80's porno, unfortunately.

There was this other lady whos work was - literally - she would find a gallery owner, have sex with him & record it, then that would be exhibited in the gallery. Now the exhibition didnt have plaques explaining the intentions & motifs of the artists unfortunately because it would of been interesting to dig deeper on this estranged woman. My view is that she's pushing boundaries - sure - but in the direction no one cares to follow. What was her point?


I don't know what art is - but I dont care to call anything I do art - if I can find a better suited namesake I will. I do drawings, Biro's & HB's. I do animations. Im no artist "I'm just a song and dance man".

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