I think i'm repeating myself, but since I bin at uni, i've been drawing alot. One a day atleast. I find whenever I draw a picture, it's usually the best picture i've ever drawn. So I find i'm always getting better which is why I guess I keep going. I wonder when i'll hit the roof n' my drawings will start to become worse than the last...?

Anywho, keep optimistic. There is no roof.

I bin hanging out with my girlfriend in Swansea over the last weekend, and am going up to London to see her in a couple of weeks when she gets back from Cuba. This information means nothin to you i'm sure, but you gotta love your girl!


Here's some drawings from the last week or two.

Ralph Steadman & Hunter S Thompson. This is the first Ink i've ever done
so I thought it'd be fitting to draw Ralph Steadman.

Answers on a postcard as to who the first and last are please.


Last night I had this idea when I was in the shower(the place all great ideas come from) to make me a stencil and have a go at trying something out with it. Well, 24 hours later the stencils cut & the animations done. It's a bit of a test really, i've never used acryllic paint before & I've never painted on my shower wall before either... so a learning curve. I'll update tomorrow with the finished work, I'm gunna play some guitar to it & get my flatmate to play violin on it too (Hopefully...).

While talking about ye ole guitar, I got me mate Nick down this weekend for a good ole' jam. My last night before uni me n him stayed up till 5, got drunk and jammed our little socks off. The weekend calls for a repeat. Back to the old 16 hour jam sessions that fly by.... TIME FLIES WHEN.

Ciao ~

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