New sprites

Heelo. I bin working on some new game sprites recently for a game called Ninja Squirrel. I came up with it a while ago with someone else, and now I just felt like picking up the batton once more. Who knows if it'll get finished, but it's good practice nonetheless.

I'm still doing it very much in my own way, there wasn't a whole load of theorizing behind the animation when I began this - but now little bits are seeping in to my working method. For example the sketches beforehand of the characters next pose have become a lot more dynamic and extreme. The new ones are the punch & the throw ones. Before hand my drawings would very much stay more 'static' and not differ the pose to much but they are starting to moreso now.

another interesting thing, is that for a long time i've found it hard to do flash, as when I load it up, lay down the first brush stroke, my mind just says 'Nah..' and I close it. It's to much of a ordeal to start over I guess and because i've got so much unfinished things, i'm geared towards not finishing, so why bother?
So now what i've started doing, is sticking a record on my record player, and listening it all the way through till it needs turning over (every 20 minutes or so). I keep myself working until the side needs changing, then if I want a five minute break, I can. Working like this is seeming to keep me motivated so THANK GOD I may actually finish some things.

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Brian Williams said...

Nice :) Looking really cool Are you using them in games or in an animation?

Tom Gameson said...

Yo. In a game hopefully if it ever gets off the ground, but for now i'll just do it for practice.