Live at Five

managed to brake my computer the other day so expct less frequent blog posts. I was trying to update it but ended up killing it insted. Am gunna take it to the uni technicians and see if they can fix it for me

Anywho, I did Live at Five last week and here's my write up onit.

Doing live at five was a blast. Really enjoyed working as a team & working to deadlines. It was good having briefs sent down  sporaddically and a deadline to work too... meant I couldn't just shelve it and do it later (as is usual with me). When it was all wrapped up and he had the review off the woman from Westcountry news ( i believe..) I felt like we were a real team - 'the graphics team'. Andy was our Gandalf and we were his hobbit companions.

It was a good group too. Brian is already an accomplished After Effects user so that helped considerably. We basically paired off round the centre table with the girls (Grethe & Emily) hammering away at the title straps and other things, me & Thomas working on the sports section, n' Brian & Scott working on the weather + more. T'was good.

I didnt think i'd enjoy working to a deadline but it was a good larf and feel now if I were to get a job like that - it wouldnt be a problem.

Here is my grand achievment from the day:


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