Ident project

Finished my ident project. I had a bit of a set back in that me computer died and I changed my idea accordingly. I was gunna do it all in flash and try and do a Tex Avery style thing, but dont think i had the time to get it done just in the studio (late nights are the best nights for animating).

So instead I changed my idea to a graffiti style thing done in 'mixed media'. I did a bit of 2D animation, a bit of pixelation, and combined it in After Effects with some... after effects added in.

Am happy with the end result, I did the audio quite easily, it's one track of me saying 'Reeedd roooom..', one track of music from the free sound project, & another FSP file of radio static. I think the audio goes well with it so am happey.

I like it too because it plays on the 'redrum' thing from the shining. The text 'red room' is playing in reverse... simillar to how in the film, 'Red Rum' is seen in reverse in the mirror. Also it's in blood red, and also the pronounciation is quite similar! So all in all an ode to the shining, just what Virgin media where after i'm sure.

You can watch it here although Youtube has squashed it horizontally.


We break up today which is cool. I am lookin forward to falling back into the bubble of homelife... not having to make food, not having to work.. t'is all gooood. I will keep up the habit of drawing alot over easter, I do that anywho without pushing myself.

So yeah, peace out n see ya when I get back. Ta-ra.

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