WLH - A bit about it.

I haven't really delved into what the story's about as of yet, so shall take that opportunity now..

Its a love story.., 'a day in the life of' about two 30-40 something's, married, and stuck. Their marriage is stuck-in-a-rut, each coping with it their own way. One bearing the reality and trying to carry it forward, the other, trying to escape.

Set during the late 80's, the setting will be British & nostalgic; Mothers doing the shopping, bobbing heads on the small town bus & sunken blokes in backs of pubs. It will have social commentary elements on the day-to-day roundabout of life.

I want to play around with the film, experiment with empathy, and the audiences changing affinity for characters.


A glimpse into the powerful writing team behind the production...:
...And Nigel.

Sure to be a classic.

Another bit of concept art, again inspired by an old cinema picture

Here's the story. It's been really beneficial writing it out like this in a short manner. I've been able to chop n change it at ease, and also is a good reference for when i've been writing the script up in detail.

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