Wife Left Home research

Martin Parr:

Larry Sultan: 


Richard Billingham:

I wanted to demonstrate how relationships can be seen in an image; and how the colour of those relationships, the emotion, can be felt.
The Martin Parr photo's are more for 80's reference. In showing the 80's, I want to stay clear of the cheese ('Frankie goes to holywood' / Bon Jovi's hair etc) and try to get the reality. I like the garishness of Parr's pictures, but the subtle details are really what's striking as inspiration.

..and for Derek:

...Oh yes.

Work's going really well on the project. Its a funny feeling, it feels like the days are dropping like flies, but then you think back to something you did only a few days ago, and it feels like a weeks gone by. We're working hard on it, the story is pretty much completely written, its onto the dialogue soon. But next job : Storyboarding. I want to have the animatic 1st draft done by this time next week.

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