Your stance on art

Here's a few videos that will provoke opinion:

I find it hard to disagree with this. And I also have mirrored his stance about Picasso
 'earning his right'; however, you feel these words are laden with ignorance and objectivity... you can't be so righteous about something of such subtle nature (art) and dismiss it objectively, but you also can't be so open that people are left to take the piss (Tracey Emin... stand up) And yet in a society were capital rules, we are left to ask these questions.

Love this video, if only for the shoe.

If any of these videos rouse any sort of opinion in you, please feel free to leave a comment below

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Olly Skillman-Wilson said...

I found the Paxman interview interesting. For me this debate always centres around games for which the question raised is often, is it still art if the player is the author. Roger Ebert says no. I say fuck him.