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Interesting post here on Cartoon Brew about the possibilities films like Tin Tin are introducing to directors, and the new direction the medium is evolving towards. Im not a 3D person myself, but seeing TinTin really gave me ideas about ways the strand of animation could be pushed, and how it could be a real benefit. Also, the errors that CB point out in TinTin, I quite like. I quite like that Spielberg made these mistakes because atleast he's trying something. They say of people coming out the cinema feeling exhausted - perhaps this is an ideal way to make people feel after watching an action movie... its certainly interesting that a family action movie could make people feel this way.

Also some interesting animation i've seen recently:

I like this as an example of animations ability to say something differently. Virginia Woolf described film as having the possibility to "suggest so much more than the actual gestures of words by men"... Animation like this, to me, is fulfilling that prophecy.

Yes it's playful and fun, but it's also coherent, and perhaps the imagery will stick with the viewer more than if it were shot in live action, or written words on a page.

This is another example. Perhaps the imagery of Balance will stick in peoples minds as a metaphor for the balancing act of society? Or perhaps they'll recall it trying to manage a team of people? With silly little stick men it speaks of humanities greed and dystopian power struggles.

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