WLH Colouring

I'm not the best at colouring myself, so i've inquired the help of a few people who are. Here's firstly my attempts:

There too 'fuddy-duddy' (as the saying goes) or too 'namby-pamby'. Eitherway, most of all there not atall 'right'. I think there much too over worked in the wrong direction.

Here's more accurate attempts.

Firstly by Paddy.
I always remember Paddy's brilliant colouring for his pre-production project last year, I really liked his loose way of colouring lines, and his Photoshop/handdrawn style. What I asked him to do is impart that style on this picture of Jean:

I think this style is perfect for the film. It illights feelings of slovenlyness in the characters, and the looseness re-emphasises how loosely held there lives are. I think perhaps if the Supermarket scene were to be coloured in this way it'd especially so work there. I especially like the way Paddy has merged the colours between her hair & her face, as if it's melting down her.

And this is by Kat. I remember Kat's work fondly from last year (her backgrounds for both Swing Heil & Inbetween a Fable) and her strong use of colour. This is for Dim walking home, the world is peaceful all around him, and he is silhouetted against the backdrop. This is a spot on attempt as far as i'm concerned.

More to come soon

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