Daily Paintings

It's not taken long, but i'm already sick of copying pictures from photographs. Here's the 3rd one I did:
This is my dads dog, obviously unfinished. I find I get bored very quickly drawing anything other than people. I just don't find it enjoyable. Saying that however, I found the same thing with this one i've just been doing, again unfinshed: 

I think i'm finally starting to get sick of copying from photographs directly like this. I just dont see the point in it. It reminds me of those pencil sketches you can get of famous people in the arcade that just make you think 'might aswell of just bought the photo..'. this one reeks of that, it was of Keith Richards.

The exclusion to this rule is when you copy a photo but it feels like it's got something added to it from being a drawing, like the drawing slants the feeling subvertedly. I find usually this 'added thing' is drawing the viewers eye somewhere to something important. Kinda like the Johnny Cash one I did the other day, you're drawn more to whats important in the picture, JC's sorrowful eyes looking down. A better example would be this  selfportrait by Kathe Kollwitz:

Anywho will post an update on the painting again midweek. 

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