Escuridao Decente - Old man character

For the last week i've been keeping in mind 'how should the old man act', and now, i've got a pretty solid idea in mind. I found looking at him I was reminded of Keith Richards, the boneyness of him but also his elegance and vibrancy in movement... Have a look at this video

I want him to move alot like Keith Richards does.. imagine him by himself going about his home, routeing round his study looking for something. The only exception, is I imagine him to be a more depressed Keith Richards.., not so bouncy like he is. What I like is the way he flails his limbs about and is expressive in that way.

Speaking to Andy, he suggested a few things. The one thing that really stood out is the old man as being this kinda King Lear character, large, arched expressions & gestures. The wise old man.

I see him as about 75 (if only to directly compete with Kernel..), a bloke whos been a labourer his whole life, he's still got that strength and self assurance in his abilities, only now he's more fragile.

Derek suggested to me doping the character and this fits the bill perfect. This way he can still have these grand gestures and the self assurance to carry himself as he would do, except now he has a stutter to his movement, suggested fragility & effort.

When he walks, he walks from the hips. He kinda swings his torso about, and his shoulders arch to and throw. He holds his head high, wise & pride old man.

Kinda like how Jim Morrison arches about. I like the allusion to rock stars. I think the old man's got that in him, its much like how many of them tended towards growing a beard and long hair at one time in their life's..

It seems like a subconcious thing on their part to go this way... fitting the Jesus mould so to speak. The wise old man up on the podium or the stage spouting knowledge waiting to be a martyr.


Productions going well on the project and i'm having fun with it. We're wanting to stick to the schedule I layed out, and are eager for February to come, when we can get the second years properly onboard. More soon.

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