Have been hoarding together quite  a nice stash of books over the last year or two. Here they are. Its quite nice seeing them all together, like a big lump of inspiration:

Some of the highlights, 'The art of Pixar' series of books are nice to look through, and seeing their concept designs also. I wouldn't actually recommend the Toy Story 3 one, I found it was more of a 'fan' book, that you might by for an interested 12 year old. I guess by that point most the varied concept work had been done.

Perhaps better than any of those though, is 'Dream World's by Hans Bacher. It also contains pre production work for Disney, except, its him talking, and he is free to be more scathing in his tongue. He doubts the studios practice of going with the same old style, and you really see it too, in his fantastic drawings.

'Gonzo: The art' is really nice to flick through. I love Ralph Steadman. His Alice book is also there.

I really enjoy looking at the work of both Egon Schiele & Alphonse Mucha. Schiele especially just makes me want to draw. I think he's got such a good understanding of the human body and its extremities, and his pictures really speak for the underside of people. Mucha's are the reverse, they are beautiful angelic images, all of them posters i'd love to plaster my walls in.

The Jack Kerouac book of sketches has been in my pocket alot recently. The premise of it is this: A friend said to him, hey Jack, how about you sketch out in the streets like an artist does, using words as your pencil. That's exactly what he did. It is a free flowing series of 'sketches' of people and places and times... the same sense you get reading on the road, only they are less connected.

The 'Scorsese by Ebert' book is cool too. Quite simple really. Scorsese = genius film maker. Ebert = genius film reviewer. I always find reading one of his reviews he is just 'right'.

I got 'The Lee Strasberg notes' to learn a bit about acting from another master. It's all about the practice of method acting

Keith Haring's journals are an interesting insight to an artist with more than meets the eye. Very opinionated and thoughtful man.

And of course I, Partridge. Inspiration second to none. What a man.

PS check out my lunch box. Got it at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Nice to have something to remember the place by, as I have no memory of the place itself.

The rest of the books are: Swag 2:Rock posters of the 90's and beyond, Tezuka school of animation vol 1, How to draw comics the Marvel way, Bob Dylan Revisited, Graphic USA, Atget's Paris, Mr.Palomar, & The Flame of Life.

On top of all the dissertation reading, has been quite the year of the book worm.

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