Escuriado Descente.. the final update

Just a quick one. Films getting there, I think i've literally only... 3 more shots to animate now, 1 is relatively difficult, the other two are simple ones of the dog.

Mig posted an update the other day with some nice images which you can check out here..
...As did Em, she's jumped onboard to help get the colouring finished off along with Darrien & Luke too, all under the watchful eyes of Grethe, the Norwegian Colourmatron.

Its really cool to see things coloured for me, really bring it to life. Loving Mig's backgrounds also.


Anywho here's the draft for the last difficult shot i'm working on.
I've just slept for about 16 hours, so no doubt am going to be awake till friday now on. I'm not really worrying, I think for the first time in my life i've worked as hard as you do in the final week, the whole way through. Once i've finished the animation will help Mig get all the compositing done and jump on any last little jobs that need doing. I may do the backgrounds for Scene 7 too which would be nice, we've still that to do, it's only 3/4 shots though mind.

Rozi has jumped on board to do the sound effects. Have also told her to get some music recorded, and she's told me she's got some nice violin/achordian stuff done today, so am excited to hear that.


Gunna be really nice to get this all finished and shiny, has been a long long process, but most certainly fun.

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