Boys in the band

Hello hello. Wanted to post some pictures of our place of work. I like to think of us more akin to a garage band than a two man studio. The lady's prefer it atleast.

Animators aid & directors aid

The setup

Work on the films going swimmingly  We got two weeks to finish it. For the first time on the project I can see the end, which feels great. We're going to push ourselves this week, and hopefully, come this time next week, all the animation will be done (thirteen minutes of it) and all the backgrounds will be done. 

We've also got a great composer on board and we both feel really great about the music.

We watched through the film yesterday and both felt really chuffed with it. The common mantra is - it could be rubbish, it could be great, we don't know. Can't see the wood from the tree's as the saying goes. Either way, we're  both resolutely proud of the commitment & effort we've put in over the course of the last 3/4 months, not to mention the work we did back at uni.

To put it in perspective, On monday we both worked for 27 hours straight. Finished in time to watch Villa lose to Newcastle.

It's been three solid months of hard work (with a 2/3 week break between over christmas). My dad summed it up nicely saying about the Stones when they first got together: They locked themselves in a flat (Mick Keith & Brian) and just played. This is our equivalent.

Anyway, I want to reiterate a belief I felt strongly through uni. I feel now more than ever (with higher tuition fees) this is true. You don't find real artists/creative's at university, you find them in the dole office's & public libraries. They lock themselves away in books or songs or make films with buddies. Most people (but not everyone)  go to uni because they didn't know what else to do. People who want to do it will do it anyway.

`Sukie was a kid who liked to hang out in the art school.. she didn't enrol, but wiped the floor with all the arseholes`

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Olly Skillman-Wilson said...

great blog, cant wait to see the final thing.