john cage

found this old video of john cage. makes you question how a man of such stature, can be raised from a ground-swell such as that. how could he exist from such a giddy innocent-and-giggling backdrop?

no doubt the rowdy crowds are still about today, but were alot more clued up. if an audience (aka the public) is so giddy and high as in that vid, its because theyre supposed to be (take me out, x factor). there not doing it out of innocent incoherence, there doing it because it fits the mould to  (like of x factor when anyone 70+ steps out and evcerybody goes awwww and cheers).

today, post modernism and all that jazz, were not innocent, were schizophrenic, and more likely to lend an ear, except out of boredom or ignorance.

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