Never Ending Sketchbook

Allo again. Following on from what I put up yesterday, I made this today, composed of several sketches, and the Virginia Woolf quote in the post below.

Check it out:
Click to view

It's a long-un, give it a minute to load.

If you didn't already, check out the Never Ending Sketchbook!

I may work on this pic in the future. This is all I had in mind though. You can see all the original images in the Sketchbook. I think what'd be fun, is if anybody feels like colouring the image in, go ahead. Would be real cool to see some estranged results. Looks a bit like a empty colouring book.

This was fun to do, follows on from what I was saying yesterday. Having made the Sketchbook, it'll promote  & push new ideas. I thought of this idea last night.

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