New Website feature!

Oi oi. Got a new feature on me website. It's called..

For too long i've struggled and i've rummaged, i've lost & found drawings over and over. This is everything, strung together, on one, long, rolling page. And it'll continue to grow into the future. I spose in that way it's my homage to Kerouac's scroll, rolling on and on.

It's not just that though, it's a great way to look over how my works changed;how it hasn't; how i've improved & how i've got caught-up in ideas & themes. It's the good and the bad and everything inbetween.

It's helped me think more about my work to. I don't so much have a message (that is concious to me), other than perhaps a sometimes-cynical eye on English society. I think alot of my sketches show dull moments, but isn't that just life these days? People buying things, stood in cues, out to dinner, sat in bus stations - not talking to one another. People in pub's. I think they're is some nice moments in there too, a few of family, a few of friends. It's helped me too, to think about moving on. I wanna take some of these sketches and make paintings out of them. Also to focus on tone more (had this in mind when doing the second one below) It's a nice way to collate travel memories, too.

Anywho, it's a flaking recollection of things i've seen over the last 4/5 years. To quote Virginia Woolf:
"the whole assortment shall be lightly stitched together by a single thread. Memory is the seamstress, and a capricious one at that. Memory runs her needle in and out, up and down, hither and thither."
I could rant on for a while - but I wont. Go check it out. Let me know what you make of it.

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