The current vein

I've been working on a bunch of paintings, which are quickly becoming something of a series. They all revolve around similar themes.

What I want to do is cement moments of life, relationships, friendships, happenings, satoris. Together they will be a tangled mess - (but hopefully within the mess will be clarity) - of a philosophy of sorts.

Here's the few. Over the next week I will be focusing on doing more.

For a couple of them i've been working from photographs (2nd & 3rd - note - They aren't traced however, just used photos for colour reference). I wouldn't feel unduly abashed to be called lazy or unartistic for this, but I don't mind, i've a couple of reasons for doing so;
1) i'm a firm believer in utilizing technology; If Michelangelo had had a camera he would have certainly used it. Use what you got (but just be honest about it). 
2) I like the idea of 'capping a moment'. This thought comes from the flaccidity of people flickin' through Facebook photos, never really seeing or feeling, just missing moments. I think painting something brings attention to it, makes people stop & look and consider, rather than just moving on. 'Capping the moment'.

Anywho despite my reasonings I do feel a tad lazy in this method myself, the next couple I have planned will be using only drawn reference from my Never Ending Sketchbook. I'm really looking forward to these paintings, getting on with them that is, they will be about Torquay life.

The first one is from a few months back & you can see what I mean by a 'vague philosophy of sorts'. The quotes are all song lyrics, they don't necessarily follow on from one another, but together, they carve out a feeling, a mood. Jack the Lad, salt of the earth, 'Love on the Dole' etc. Beatnik bums  & fellaheen brotherhoods.

Inspiration for these pieces falls mainly to two artists; Mucha & Robert Valley. Mucha with his dark outlines, detail to the faces/simplified bodies. Also hopefully his use of colour (as this series continues). I was also very much inspired by his Slav Epics - that is - inspired to make a series of work around a theme of my home. Robert Valley -- I love his art, his deformation of characters, and the sort of erudite twist he puts on them, his knowledge of posture, stance etc etc shining throughout (despite the simplification, elongation etc). Just watch his Beatles intro to get it. Really great digital caricature. I've really liked Robert's work since I saw his Pear Cider & Cigarette's.


Anyway, that's what's going on, and what's to come. I've still gotta post up about my last travels (up and down the country) and make a little video of it. I'll do this next week too.

Peace, cheers & all the rest of it. You're a soldier for reading to the bottom.
- Tom

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Olly Skillman-Wilson said...

aw the animations in beatles rock band were inspired, one of the strengths of the game's presentation.