Year of the beats

Wow, just discovered another Beat generation film in the works. This really is turning into something of a troupe invasion on the mainstream. I gotta say i'm not all to discouraged - On the Road was the big one, that coulda been a travesty, and it wasn't. Therefore this just makes me excited, hopefully that people will be turned on to the Beat generation and what they had to say. Am also excited too as its what I love and it seems to be invading the mainstream and all I can do is smile on and hope it turns out mature.

In the last few years we've had Howl, On The Road, now there's..

Big Sur

Kill Your Darlings

On top of this you got Mad Men on the TV, which instantly struck me as 'If J.Kerouac went straight'.

All these are essentially a blotting-paper-tapestry of that 50's counter-cultural turning point, told out through the hazy veil of post modernist subjectivity. Nevertheless, I am excited for people to be turned on to these men that had a real lust for truth in life.

I first got into Kerouac when I realised he was the bedrock beneath the music I loved, Bob Dylan who's 'catalyst' moment was reading On the Road (made him get up and head to NYC). Jim Morrison too, Kerouac being one of his favorite authors. It all roots back to something. For that matter too, the film Im Not There could be considered part of this Beat-thought-tapestry, so could the documentary When You're Strange

Finally, fitting to check out the original Beat flick, over-dubbed, stream of concious by Kerouac, Pull My Daisy

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