Nietzsche & more

Finally got back into reading Nietzsche, here's a sketchy-painting to celebrate.

Quote from Beyond Good & Evil.

Note - it is traced (so no congratulations please)

The quote is a little out of context but I like it. He was talking about how regardless of the path of the way out (in his example stoicism), the necessity of a way out is what is important.

If you wanna learn more about Nietzsche, turn no further than my number 1 dinner party guest, Alain De Botton!


Also, Art Show! Happening in Torquay in two week's (24th). Come on down!


Lastly, a couple of good articles, first on GTA 5. I've said it many time's, the only games I really play are Fifa and anything Rockstar makes. Safe to say am looking forward to this one. Don't expect to see me for a week or two.

& thought this was interesting. I like Cartoon Brew but there overarching cynicsm of anything Disney do is tiresome. I think this could be a good idea, who's to say movies have reached their highest formula? I like how left-field the idea is too, perhaps it (not this, but the idea) may lead to some better film 'experience' (as is the catch word). I also think its playfully defining of this generations (not mine, but those who are bumbling onto the interenet aged 5) mind frame; we've already become aware of a shortening lack of attention span, perhaps this (sort of thing) is the icing on the cake - when it stops being a bad thing & we start to discover new virtue in it. The 'Shock of the new' (fear) to 'The shock of Excess' (gleeful acceptance).

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