Summer trip vid // I want to be a bandit can't you understand it??!

Finally knocked together the video for our summer trip. It was a fun trip, definetly a case of following the wind, we only booked our bus up to Romford, the rest was drawn on circumstance. It's always nice to see a map of how far you been, and how illogical your route often is, this one was quite sensible. Check it out:

I say knocked accurately. My computers getting so old and dusty now it won't let me preview in After Effects, so it was a case of exporting, writing down a long list of things to put right, then going through them. Like editing with a potato. I don't care though, it is what it is. Not the most exciting thing on earth but a document, that no doubt will be looked back upon through the ages as a work of pre-nihilist-age enlightenment. What.


Also, reskinned the website. Don't really like it but I spent the time doin' it so i'm keeping it. Aint that the truth, ha.


The painting are coming along fine but haven't advanced for three days as i've been very ill and not been able to get my hands on (or over) a certain thing (or hurdle). Read as you wish.

That's all for now, folks.

PS Check out my mate Todd's blog. Him and another pal have just got back from hitchiking from Budapest to Azerbaijan. Why I hear you ask? Two reasons; One, the Eurovision song contest, Two, for the Gurkha's.

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