Page of faces

Here's some faces. This is the kinda drawing style im onto at the moment. 
I would say it's a little Schiele/Klimt inspired (for example the guy at the top with the dark hair: straight chins, big eyes or small eyes). 
Also inspired by GTA art, in a funny way i've come full circle - I think when I was doodling in school it was mainly 'GTA esque' biro sketches, so quite nice to be back to it (or another way of saying i've not advanced in ten years, ha). 
But to be honest I think the main part of the inspiration is basically just informed by my own drawing style i've accumulated. It's mainly come from just sketching people in the street (see the Never Ending Sketchbook, which is due an update), quick drawings, caricature-esque I spose, trying to capture quickly what it is about people that is so different and compelling about their face (as is everybody's face) Also making 'The Dark Descent', when I really got into drawing people with shapely faces (eg the dude at the bottom left with the beard).

Anywho gunna keep doing these, like this vein i'm onto.


Also, look who we met the other night!!! (one of these is a real album cover, if you don't know which one you can't be my friend)


Finally, we had an Art Show in Torquay the other night, was an all round success, loads of people getting together, looking at art, live music, all hosted by the friendly faces at Torquay Arts House Collective & Beat Magazine. Stay tuned for more, the seaside-revolution has begun (and everyone is invited)!

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