Creativity routine

I saw this clip of Charles Bukowski, & for the second time in my life he's rewrit the way I see things. The first time was when I read Post Office last summer. It gave me the idea that throughout my life, i'd quite like to jump from menial job to menial job, working for a while, getting a range of different experiences, meeting a bunch of different folk, getting involved in micro-politics then POW! Gone like the wind, off to work in a burger stand or somethin.

Anywho this is the second. Bukowski's flipside to the creative drive:

I remember reading Scorcese say something simillar too, he say's what he does, after long hours, long months, working on a film - he retires to his cinema for a week or two - sits there and watches films, and soaks it all up like a sponge -winding himself tight & then get right back on the ball again.

It suits me being like this. I like to do things to their max for period's of time. EG the last year - (finished uni), got a job for two months, quit that, read books intently etc for a bit, moved down to Cornwall for two months, come back for christmas, had Mig live with me for two months, went travelling for 5 weeks - got a job for a month or two, quit that - moved to Plymouth for a month or two, come back - made the magazine. Infact the magazine is the only experience that has lasted more than two months! Somethin' had to stick.

I believe in living to the max whatever it is you're choosing to do. And also, firstly to realise that whatever it is you spend your time doing - it is a choice. If you come home from work, & relax watching the telly each night - that is a choice. Make each choice a concious choice!

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